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Promoting information technology infrastructures for the international paleomagnetic, geomagnetic and rock magnetic community.
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This search interface provides access to paleomagnetic and rock-magnetic data from a broad range of studies. Data range from individual measurements to specimen, sample or site level results, and include a wide variety of derived parameters or associated rock magnetic measurements. Existing data can be viewed and saved in several formats.
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  • The Magnetics Information Consortium (MagIC) is sponsoring a global seminar series starting October 15, 2013. This seminar will occur on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 4pm PST (8am Beijing). This is a beta phase of the seminar series and when bugs are worked out we plan to add other dates for the convenience of our colleagues in other timezones. In the seminar a discussion of a recent paper will be held using Adobe Connect. Each seminar will have a discussion leader as coordinated by the MagIC team. Please visit the MagIC seminar website for the seminar schedule and other details.

  • The Magnetics Information Consortium (MagIC) is dedicated to maintaining the vision of the IAGA databases. We have incorporated many of the IAGA data sets into the MagIC database (GPMDB, PSVRL, TRANS) and are in the process of incorporating the remainder (ARCHEO, MAGST, PINT, SECVR). These datasets will continue to be augmented as new paleomagnetic and archeomagnetic data becomes available.

  • Expedition MV1203 aims to dredge 40 seamounts along the southwest portion of the Walvis Ridge seamount trail. The Walvis Ridge begins on the African continent and extends to near the mid-Atlantic Ridge. The southwest half of the Walvis Ridge appears to bifurcate into two distinct physical and geochemical trends, the Tristan (northern) and Gough (southern) tracks. The data we collect will assist in improving absolute plate motion models for the African continent, and knowledge of the geochemical evolution of plumes and the regional tectonic setting of the surrounding area. Visit the Expedition Website ...

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