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GOLF 4-3-9 Antarctica Expedition 2012

Fang Ridge, Antarctica
2375 m above sea level

…and we’re off. After two days of weather delays the helicopters were able to fly; our destination is Fang Glacier, Antarctica. It’s only a pit stop on the way to the final destination, but it’s an important one. Fang is the first leg of high altitude acclimatization; Fang camp is located at 2735 m, and while it appears to be just below the ridge of where LEH is located, the landscape is deceiving. LEH is 2.74 km away from Fang, and another 517 m rise in elevation, leveling for a bit at 3235 m above sea level. 







The sharp rise in elevation is not an easy thing on the body; with a lower density of oxygen molecules bouncing around in the ambient air, the body is essentially suffocating. This makes the two day extension of the trip to the lower Erebus hut essential. The views alone of the surrounding landscape at Fang Camp make the stay well worth the stay








Fortunately the weather was more than cooperative and we left Fang Glacier on schedule. Everyone was eager to get up to the hut to get started on the most anticipated leg of our research trip this Antarctic season.