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2.1  Introduction

2.1.1  Using the Contribution Wizard

The EarthRef Digital Archive Upload Wizard is a step-by-step interface to create and update your contributions to the EarthRef Digital Archive. It is intended to be an intuitive tool for you to use.

To proceed, you need to select the appropriate option:

If this is your first contribution to the Digital Archive, you will only be able to select the New contribution option.

All steps in the contribution process must be completed in order for your contribution to be made available in EarthRef search results. Once complete, you may update any part of the contribution's information at any time. If you do not complete your contribution, it will remain in the database and you may return at any time to update and complete it.

In order to make a contribution, you must first log in. If you do not yet have a username and password, select the "login" option at the top right of your main browser window. From there, you may create a profile, username, and password.

2.1.2  Logging In

You must be logged in to make or update a contribution to the EarthRef Digital Archive. If you are not currently logged in, you will be automatically taken to the User Authentication screen, where you can enter your username and password. From there, you will be taken to the next step in the contribution process.

If you have not yet created a profile, you may follow the appropriate link from the User Authentication screen or click on the Register tab in the main browser window. This will take you to a simple form to enter your contact information and to create a username and password. The identification of contributors and their addresses is an integral part of scholarly data archiving and this information is continuously updated in the address register. does not distribute address information to third parties. You may read the entire EarthRef Privacy Policy by clicking on the Disclaimer link from the home page.

Some of the contact information given in your profile will be displayed when a user views your contributions, and from Mailing List searches. This information can be seen when clicking on the Contributor button on the Detailed File Information page.

2.1.3  Using the INFO Buttons

INFO buttons provide users with specific information pertinent to their adjacent form elements.

INFO Button Illustration

When you click an INFO button, specific helpful information will appear in the expanded frame at the bottom of your browser window. After reading the information, you may shrink this frame back to its normal size by clicking on the X on the right side of the frame.

This information should clarify the purpose of the related form element for you, but further helpful information can always be found by clicking on the Help tab at the top of the browser's main content frame.