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3.2.1  File List

If multiple search results are found, they will appear on the File List page. Each contribution meeting your search criteria will appear with a checkbox adjacent to its title. Beneath the title is a list of data types that indicate what type of file(s) are associated with that contribution, plus the contribution's description, if it has one.

You may click on the title of any search result to view the Detailed File Information for that contribution, or view multiple contributions by checking the appropriate checkboxes and then clicking the Continue button. This will allow you to view all of the Detailed File Information for the contributions on a single page.

Twenty search results are displayed at a time on a File List page. If more than 20 results are returned by your search, you will see navigation links at the bottom of the page that allow you to skip to other File List pages, which are also grouped into 20 results. You may also use the Previous and Next links to easily browse adjacent File List pages.