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3.2.3  Downloading Files

You may download a file associated with an EarthRef Digital Archive contribution by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button on the contribution's Detailed File Information page.

In most cases, clicking the DOWNLOAD button will cause a File Download dialog to appear, which will give you the option to Open or Save the file. When you opt to Open the file, you may be asked by your operating system to specify which program to use when opening the file. If you have already associated a program with the file type, the program should automatically open and you should be able to view the file.

If you choose to Save the file, you may need to specify the location on your local computer where the file will be saved. You may then open the file with the appropriate program or software.

3.2.3  Contribution Notes

General notes may be added by the contributor of an EarthRef Digital Archive file to explain any number of things, including clarification of points made in the instructions, expressions of gratitude or acknowledgement, or suggestions on how to use the file.