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Jordan 1979
Jordan, T.H. (1979). Mineralogies, densities and seismic velocities of garnet lherzolites and their geophysical implications. In: The mantle sample; inclusions in kimberlites and other volcanics; Proceedings of the Second international kimberlite conference. Boyd, F.R. and Meyer, H.O.A. (Editors), Am. Geophys. Union, Washington. 1-14.
composition; exploration; garnet group; garnet lherzolite;, geophysical methods; igneous processes; igneous rocks; inclusions;, kimberlite; lherzolite; mineral composition; mineral deposits,, genesis; mineral exploration; minerals; nesosilicates;, orthosilicates; peridotites; plutonic rocks; processes; seismic, methods; silicates; ultramafics; xenoliths, 05, Igneous and metamorphic petrology
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