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Morgan et al. 1980
Morgan, J.W., Wandless, G.A., Petrie, R.K. and Irving, A.J. (1980). Composition of the Earth's upper mantle; II, Volatile trace elements in ultramafic xenoliths. In: Proceedings of the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Criswell, P.R. and Merrill, R.B. (Editors), Pergamon, New York. 213-233.
Africa; Central America; composition; crust; Earth; garnet, lherzolite; geochemistry; igneous rocks; inclusions; Lesotho;, mantle; neutron activation data; North America; peridotites;, plutonic rocks; Southern Africa; spinel lherzolite; trace, elements; ultramafic family; ultramafics; upper mantle; volatile, elements; xenoliths, 02A, General geochemistry
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