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Mazor 1963
Mazor, E. (1963). Notes concerning the geochemistry of phosphorus, fluorine, uranium and radium in some marine rocks in Israel. Israel Journal of Earth Sciences 12(1): 41-52.
Phosphorus, fluorine, uranium, radium, thorium and potassium were analyzed in 38 samples of marine sediments ranging in age from Santonian to Eocene and including phosphorite, diagenetically changed phosphoritic rocks, limestone, chalk and marl. The abundances of the first four mentioned elements were found to be in constant ratios, although the P (sub 2) O (sub 5) content varied from less than 1% up to 33%. There seems to be essentially one kind of phosphate mineral in all the samples, its fluorine to phosphorus ratio being that of a carbonate-fluorapatite. The radioactive equilibrium of the uranium and radium indicates that the apatite has not been disturbed by weathering processes for at least the last 10,000 years.
Asia; content in marine sediments; geochemistry; Israel; marine;, Middle East; P-F-U-Ra content; petrology; Phosphorus-fluorine-, uranium-radium; Santonian-Eocene; sediments, 05, Igneous and metamorphic petrology
Israel Journal of Earth Sciences
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