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Skulski et al. 1994
Skulski, T., Minarik, W. and Watson, E.B. (1994). High-Pressure Experimental Trace-Element Partitioning between Clinopyroxene and Basaltic Melts. Chemical Geology 117(1-4): 127-147. doi: 10.1016/0009-2541(94)90125-2.
Clinopyroxenes play an important role in determining the distribution of trace elements in magmatic systems. In order to evaluate the extent and source of variation of clinopyroxene-silicate melt partition coefficients (D), experiments were conducted on natural basalts (picrite, alkaline basalt, nephelinite, high-alumina basalt; 1235-1300 degrees C; 1-2.8 GPa) doped with a multi-element spike (Ti, Cr, V, Sr, Y, Zr, Nb, Ta, Hf, La, Ce, Nd, Sm, Dy and Yb) and water (2%). Trace-metal concentrations were determined by synchrotron XRF (SXRF) microprobe and a subset of samples were analyzed by SXRF superconducting wiggler and ion microprobe (IMP). Mid-range D-values (by IMP) for clinopyroxene in a picritic starting composition at 1300 degrees C and 1 GPa are: D-Ti, 0.273; D-V, 2.77; D-Cr, 7.32; D-Sr, 0.079; D-y, 0.376; D-Zr 0.089; D-Nb, 0.003; D-Hf 0.179; D-Ta, 0.010; D-La, 0.03; D-Ce, 0.054; D-Nd, 0.112; D-Sm, 0.201; D-Dy, 0.280; and D-Yb, 0.255. D-values for Ta and Zr are lower than adjacent D-values for REE (La and Nd, respectively) on a spider diagram; however, there is no decoupling observed between D-Ti, D-Hf and adjacent D-REE (D-Y,D-Yb). Many of the experiments resulted in sector-zoned augite, and these constrain the nature of crystal chemical controls on partitioning at fixed T,P,X. Sector-zoned augite in an alkaline basalt at 1250 degrees C and 1 GPa shows enrichment in Ti, Al, Ca, Cr, trace HFSE and REE and depletion in Si, Mg and Fe in the fast-growing (100) sector relative to the slower growing (010) sector. Reverse-zoning in incompatible elements in the (100) sector adjacent to normally-zoned (010) sectors confirms that sector zoning in augite arises from differences in surface kinetic processes (adsorption-desorption) during crystal growth. A positive correlation between Al-IV and HFSE concentrations emphasizes the importance of coupled substitution involving highly charged cations in M sites and Al in T sites.

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ion microprobe, augite phenocrysts, silicate melts, upper mantle, coefficients, xenoliths, liquid, origin, equilibrium, pyroxene
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