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Witt-Eickschen & Harte 1994
Witt-Eickschen, G. and Harte, B. (1994). Distribution of trace elements between amphibole and clinopyroxene from mantle peridotites of the Eifel (western Germany); an ion-microprobe study. Chemical Geology 117(1-4): 235-250. doi: 10.1016/0009-2541(94)90130-9.
The pargasite/diopside partition coefficients (D) for the rare-earth elements (REE), Sr, Y, Zr and Hf, determined with ion-microprobe analysis on low-temperature West Eifel mantle peridotites, have values of between 1 and 2. In contrast, Nb and Ba are strongly enriched in amphibole with partition coefficients of D (sub Nb) = 100-200 and D (sub Ba) >1000. Small sample-to-sample variations in the REE partition coefficients in the West Eifel samples appear to be related to compositional factors, specifically the Na content of clinopyroxene. The REE partition coefficients of edenitic-pargasitic hornblende/diopside pairs from East Eifel xenoliths have higher values (D = 3-8) than those from the West Eifel and these differences may be attributable to the lower Na and K contents of the East Eifel xenoliths. The partition coefficients for amphibole/clinopyroxene pairs of natural peridotites differ from the literature values for those of high-temperature melts. Compared to the West Eifel xenoliths most of the melt-related partition coefficients are higher for LREE (D = 2-4), but decrease and become similar for HREE (D = 1). It is unclear to what extent these differences are the result of temperature, pressure and composition, or the result of lack of equilibrium.

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amphibole group; Central Europe; chain silicates; clinoamphibole;, clinopyroxene; diopside; Eifel; Europe; geochemistry; Germany;, igneous rocks; inclusions; ion probe data; magmas; major elements;, mantle; metals; natural materials; pargasite; partition, coefficients; partitioning; peridotites; phase equilibria;, plutonic rocks; pyroxene group; rare earths; Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany; silicates; trace elements; ultramafics; xenoliths, 02C Geochemistry of rocks, soils, and sediments; 05A Igneous and, metamorphic petrology
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