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Dale & Henderson 1972
Dale, I.M. and Henderson, P. (1972). The Partition of Transition Elements in Phenocryst-Bearing Basalts and the Implications about Melt Structure. In: Report of the ... session - International Geological Congress. International Geological Congress (Editors), International Geological Congress. 105-111.
Partition of Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Sc and Cr between olivine and groundmass, pyroxene and groundmass, partition coefficient and crystal field effects

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basalts; chain silicates; crystal chemistry; crystal field;, experimental studies; igneous rocks; magmas; Melt; minerals;, nesosilicates; olivine; olivine group; orthosilicates;, partitioning; pyroxene group; silicates; structure; transition, elements; volcanic rocks, 02, Geochemistry
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