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Reservoir Z Element Value Median SD Low High N Unit Info Reference Source(s)
Hydrothermal Vents   87Sr/86Sr 0.7035             Global content of isotopic strontium at hydrothermally active areas. Low strontium content is indicative of mobilisation related to the water/rock ratio in the reaction zones and seawater passing thru the anhydrite precipitation zone. Palmer & Edmond 1989
Hydrothermal Vents   d6Li -9     -11 -9     Chan et al. 1992
Hydrothermal Vents 38 Sr 126             Global content of strontium at hydrothermally active areas. Sr levels from vent fluids are linearly correlated with Ca and Cl which is indicative of control of Sr by chloro-complexing along with Sr precipitation in sloid solution in secondary Ca minerals (Epidote). Palmer & Edmond 1989
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