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MagIC Help Library



1.1  Preface

1.1.1    Goals and Philosophy
1.1.2    User and Data Policy

User Actions
Contribution Types
Data Ownerships
Data Deletions
Data Reviewing

1.1.3    MagIC Database Team and Committee Structure

MagIC Database Team
Steering Committee
Metadata and Method Codes Committee
Editorial and Review Committee
Geological Timescale Committee
Paleolocations Committee

1.1.4    History and Timeline
1.1.5    Acknowledgements

1.2  Getting Started

1.2.2    Become a Registered User
1.2.3    Reviewer and Editor Responsibilities
1.2.4    Online Search Features and Data Uploading
1.2.5    The MagIC Console Software
1.2.6    Hardware and Software Requirements

Browsers and Screen Resolution
Plug-Ins and Zip Utilities
MagIC Console Software

1.2.7    Software Updates
1.2.8    Important MagIC Website Links

1.3  Getting Help

1.3.1    How to Use This Help Library
1.3.2    Contacting the MagIC Database Team

MagIC Website

2.1  Uploading Data

2.1.1    Using the Contribution Wizard

Uploading a New Contribution
Updating an Existing Contribution
Activating a Private Contribution

2.1.2    Logging In
2.1.3    Uploading Files
2.1.4    Selecting Main Reference ''This Study'' for Your Contribution
2.1.5    Selecting Additional References
2.1.6    Selecting Mailinglist Entries
2.1.7    Data Parsing
2.1.8    Activating Your Contribution

Activating with Global Access
Keeping Contribution Private
Keeping Contribution Private with Group Access

2.1.9    Summary Page

2.2  Searching the Web Portals

2.2.1    MagIC Website Home Page
2.2.2    The PMAG Portal

Searching by Location
Searching by Reference
Advanced Searching

2.2.4    Plotting and Visualizations

Global Maps and Orthographic Projections
Paleomagnetic Plots

2.3  Error Messages

2.3.1    Invalid File Type
2.3.2    Unable to Move File to Directory
2.3.3    Unable to Find File
2.3.4    Missing Data for Reference

MagIC Console Software

3.1  Introduction to the Standardized MagIC Data Format

3.1.1    What is a SmartBook?
3.1.2    Structure of the MagIC SmartBooks
3.1.3    MagIC Table Layout
3.1.4    Standard MagIC Text File Format

Header Structure
Multiple Data Blocks

3.1.5    Software Installation

Required Files

3.2  Entering New Data

3.2.1    Overview of the Data Population Process

Starting a New MagIC SmartBook
Entering the High Level Metadata
Entering and Importing PMAG and RMAG Data
Preparation for Uploading

3.2.2    Step-by-Step Guided Explanation

Start the MagIC Console Software
Generate a New SmartBook File
Run the MagIC Wizard
Add Your Current Project Citation in the ER_citations Table (This Study)
Compile Method Definitions for this Project
Compile Instrument Definitions for this Project
Add other Citations to ER_citations Table
Add All Mail Addresses to ER_mailinglist Table
Define the Data and Metadata in the General EarthRef [ER] Tables
Add Age Data to the ER_ages Table
Add Measurement Data in the MAGIC_measurements Table
Add Paleomagnetic and Rock Magnetic Data
Perform Data Check
Prepare for Uploading
Upload Your SmartBook into the MagIC Online Database

3.3  Special Cases

3.3.1    When Requiring New Instrument Codes
3.3.2    When Entering More Than 65,000 Measurement Data Records
3.3.3    When Starting Data Population from Measurement Files

3.4  Examples

3.4.1    Entering References in the ER_citations Table

3.5  Function by Function

3.5.1    Operations Menu

New SmartBook ...
Open Existing SmartBook ...
Close and Close All ...
Save ...
Import Data Files ...
Batch Processing ...
Prepare for Uploading
Upload Into MagIC Database

3.5.2    Special Menu

Autofit Columns
Clear Table
Add and Remove Method Definitions ...
Add and Remove Instrument Definitions ...
Synchronize Names
Remove Duplicate Data Records
Remove Empty Data Records
Combine Two Similar Data Records
Check Data Records
Check Specific Data Records
Check for Data Integrity

3.5.3    Data Entry and Editing Dialogbox

New Record Button
Delete Button
Previous and Next Buttons
Prefill Records Checkbox
Tab Navigation and Hot Buttons
Large Text Edit Box
Lists and Controlled Vocabularies
Dynamic Listbox Entries

3.5.4    MagIC Wizard

Show All and Clear All Buttons
Use Predefined Settings

3.5.5    Navigating a SmartBook

Home Button
Left and Right Buttons
End Button
Tables Menu
SmartBooks Menu

3.5.6    Text Tools

Add Text Tool ...
Number Conversion Tool ...
Remove All Spaces
Remove Extra Spaces Only
Remove All Characters
Remove Parentheses and Brackets
Remove Strange Symbols
Remove Line Feeds
Make All Lower Case
Make All Upper Case
Make Normal Case
Make Every Word Normal Case

3.5.7    MagIC Help Menu

Metadata and Data Model
Method Codes
Instrument Codes
Controlled Vocabularies

3.7  Known Bugs and Workarounds

3.7.1    Object Library Not Registered (Macintosh OS X)
3.7.2    Appearance of Blank MagIC Toolbar (Macintosh OS X)

Importing Data With PmagPy and

4.1  Installation of PmagPy

4.1.1    Finding a command line prompt in a terminal window
4.1.2    Testing installation

4.2  Getting Ready for

4.2.1    Setting up a Project Directory
4.2.2    Field Information

Orient.txt format
Orientation conventions
naming convention
AzDip format

4.2.3    Measurement Data

Magnetometer File Formats
Anisotropy measurements
Hysteresis measurements

4.3  Using the GUI

4.3.1    File Menu
4.3.2    Import Menu

Orientation files
Magnetometer files
Anisotropy files
Hysteresis files
Assemble measurements

4.3.3    Data Reduction Menu

Customize selection criteria
Demagnetization data
Thellier-type experiments
Hyteresis data
Anisotropy data
Assemble specimen data
Assemble result data

4.3.4    Utilities Menu

4.4  Tutorial

4.4.1    Directional Study
4.4.2    Rock Magnetic Study

MagIC Glossary

5.1  Terminology and Definitions