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1.1.2  User and Data Policy

All data in the MagIC database are User-Contributed and uploaded on a Publication-by-Publication basis. The MagIC database primarily contains Activated Contributions from Peer-Reviewed Publications and Student Theses, including those In Press. These uploads are available to the entire MagIC userbase and are permanently archived under a strict version control. The various user actions, contribution types, levels of data ownership and data deletions are explained in detail below.

All database contributors and users are to adhere to the Copyright Policy.

Data sets for publications In Preparation or In Review can be uploaded as Private Contributions Only and can be accessed by the data owners alone. These Private Contributions optionally can be set up by the data owner to have Group Access allowing select groups of users to access such hidden MagIC data sets with a group name and password.

Unpublished Data Sets that cannot be published (elsewhere) in the peer-reviewed literature can be uploaded into the MagIC database as an Data Publication. These uploads should be accompanied with a list of authors, affiliations, a title, a short abstract and a technical note that describes the analytical methods applied. These publications will be assigned an DOI and their citation will be permanently stored in the Reference Database.

Activated Contributions will undergo Data Reviews by editors and referees representing the international paleo- and rock magnetic research community. These Data Reviews are meant to help improve the quality of the data uploads and are not meant to critique the science and conclusions presented in the publications.

User Actions

Data owners can manage a contribution to the MagIC database in three different ways:

Contribution Types

Once a contribution has been uploaded into the MagIC database, the data owner can restrict its access or provide open access to the world, again in three different ways:

Data Ownerships

There can only be one data owner per contribution. However, data ownership can change based on the following hierarchy:

Data Deletions

Activated Contributions cannot be deleted by the data owners. Private Contributions remain in the database until the data owner replaces it with an activated update or activates an existing private upload. If a private contribution has been Inactive for more than 2 years it will be removed from the data holdings by the MagIC Database Team.

The MagIC Database Team reserves the right to delete any Incorrect or Fraudulent Contributions without any further notice.

Data Reviewing

Each Activated Contribution will be assigned a Data Editor, who will select at least one Referee to review the data contribution for its correctness, completeness and clarity only. These reviews are meant to help improve the quality of the uploaded data in the MagIC Database. However, these reviews explicitly are not concerned with the science and conclusions presented in the publication.

Once the data review(s) are complete, the data owner should prepare an update of the data contribution and upload this as soon as possible into the MagIC Database. All activated versions of these data contributions will be retained in the database, will receive a time stamp and version number, and can be retroactively included in database searches.