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2.1.6  Selecting Mailinglist Entries

Your data for people associated with the contribution you are uploading will be inserted into the address book. The Contribution Wizard will perform a check to see whether these individuals already exist in the database. If a match is found for each individual, or no similar entries already exist, the mailinglist data will be automatically processed and you will not see this step.

If, however, an exact match can not be found for one or more individuals, and one or more similar entries are found, you will be asked to select the best match for each individual. As with the reference data, the difference between the information in your contribution and that in the database may be a simple spelling difference. If that is the case, it is always best to select the existing entry, as its data will be more complete, and it may already be linked to other data in the database. You must select the most appropriate entry and click the Continue button to process these records.