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1.1.4  History and Timeline

MagIC evolved from the PMAG Workshop held at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, from 24-26 March 2002. The Abstract Volume for this workshop is available online. At this workshop it was agreed that there is a critical need to update and integrate existing magnetic database efforts sponsored by IAGA to take advantage of the technological advances provided by modern web-based data handling capabilities. In September 2002 a small workshop was held at the Institute for Rock Magnetism at the University of Minnesota to discuss the new design of a new rock magnetic database and its integration with the efforts discussed at PMAG2002. A short report is published in EOS and is available online.

Three development stages mark MagIC's short history. In Phase I we focused on an internal review of the MagIC Data Model, the design of the Oracle 10x Database, the design of the SmartBooks, the coding of the MagIC Console Software and extensive testing. Also the PmagPy data analysis software was developed allowing scientists to translate paleomagnetic measurement data into the MagIC format. In Phase II we started to focus on the design and implementation of the Online Drilldown Interface, to populate, maintain and optimize the MagIC Database, and to implement Advanced Visualizations in the MagIC web portals. Currently we are in Phase III whereby we are planning to implement an Editorial and Reviewing System, we will start to use predominantly Flash, Web 2.0, AJAX and XML in our web and database interfaces, and we will start to work toward full Interoperability with other online databases using Webservices.