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3.1.2  Structure of the MagIC SmartBooks

The MagIC SmartBooks are standard Microsoft Excel© Workbooks that contain predefined tables stored in separate worksheets. There is an obvious hierarchy in these tables, where the EarthRef (ER) tables are the most general and are applied to other databases hosted under this umbrella website as well.

Note   For a detailed overview please open the MagIC.vXX.metadata.definition.xls file in Microsoft Excel© and use the hyperlinks in the Frontpage (or the standard Microsoft Excel© tabs at the bottom of the page) to show the description for each MagIC table, including example input data. This information can also be found by following the web link or by selecting the Data and Metadata Definition option from the MagIC Help menu.

The four MagIC tables (measurements, methods, instruments and calibrations) are less general, but contain data and metadata that are common for typical paleomagnetic and rock magnetic projects. The PMAG and RMAG tables contain the most specialized, highly derived data.