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3.1.4  Standard MagIC Text File Format

The MagIC Console Software has the ability to export and import Flat Text Files. To be able to easily transfer data between outside software packages, data collection computers and the MagIC SmartBooks, we have developed the Standard MagIC Text File Format. Experience shows that this is the most efficient way when dealing with large data sets. It allows you to quickly import these data into the MagIC SmartBooks without making mistakes. In the example below, we show how this text file is based on the layout of the table displayed above.

Header Structure

The Standard MagIC Text File Format starts out with two header lines (red fonts) indicating the delimiter used, table name and column names. Below these header lines, the data appears in the same order as indicated by the column names (black fonts).

Multiple Data Blocks

Possible delimiters include tab and pipe symbols. Note that single or double quotes around text strings are not required. You can also store multiple data blocks (for one project) in one text file, where each data block is stored according to the above rules but is separated by the standard >>>>>>>>>> divider. Since each block has its own header lines, in principle, you can store the results from different experiments or tables in one and the same Standard MagIC Text File. This will result in a text file that may look as follows.

Note   Because in the above example both experiments KOPA-2004-01 and KOPA-2004-05 are properly divided and because each block has its own header lines, each block can store different parameters and in a random order (compare the placement of the treatment_temp field, for example). This will keep the file size minimal because only the data relevant for that one particular experiment needs to be stored. It is also flexible, because it allows you to store data measured using different equipment or measurement protocols in one-and-the-same data file.

Always store the text files in the same directory as the MagIC SmartBook file itself.