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3.3.3  When Starting Data Population from Measurement Files

It may be quite common that you start data population with a measurement file, which has been stored in the Standard MagIC Text File Format. When pursuing this route, first import all these text files into a SmartBook that have been prepared by applying the first six steps described of a typical file upload procedure. Follow this by running the Synchronize Names function from the Special menu to pre-fill the names of all Locations, Sites, Samples and Specimens (and others) throughout the tables of the SmartBook. Now you only have to complete these tables with some extra data and metadata.

When new records are added to these tables using the Synchronize Names function, they will appear in highlighted "light blue" and "pink" cells for easy detection. The originating data records are highlighted "purple" as well. You can remove the formatting again by pressing Ctrl Shift S or it will automatically be removed when you run the Prepare for Uploading function.