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3.7  Known Bugs and Workarounds

This section contains a list of know Bugs and Workarounds to solve these problems. If you encounter new bugs, we would appreciate it if you could email us and provide us with information that describes the circumstances under which you encountered the problems. Thanks!

3.7.1  Object Library Not Registered (Macintosh OS X)

If you encounter an Object library not registered error message on Macintosh© OS X systems, your Microsoft Office© installation contains a corrupt library/preferences/Microsoft/Office Registration Cache X file. Open this file in a text editor, where you should remove all text and save it. Finish by locking this file and restarting the Microsoft Excel© application. The locking of this text file is most essential, otherwise the problem will re-occur.

3.7.2  Appearance of Blank MagIC Toolbar (Macintosh OS X)

When starting the MagIC Console Software by double clicking on the MagIC.vXX.console.xls file in the Finder or from the Desktop, the software might start up displaying a blank MagIC toolbar. This problem can be circumvented by first launching the Microsoft Excel© application itself, followed by opening the MagIC.vXX.console.xls file through the File # Open menu. In some cases, updating to Service Pack 1 will remedy this problem as well.