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1.2.3  Reviewer and Editor Responsibilities


A reviewer of a MagIC database contribution is responsible for comparing the uploaded data to the data in the corresponding paper and commenting on any errors or omissions. An online review system is available to help reviewers with this task.

First the reviewer checks the reference to make sure it is correct and complete. Next the reviewer checks the various tables that have been filled out in the smartbook by the contributor. Tables with location data present the reviewer with a map so they can quickly check if the location is correct. Then the reviewer checks the method codes used by the contributor and verifies that they are correct and not missing significant descriptions of the data. Finally the reviewer writes any additional comments to the contributor and marks the review complete.


An editor for the MagIC database is responsible for overseeing the reviewing of new contributions to the MagIC database. The editor will be able to delegate the review process of new contributions to reviewers or review the contributions themselves. Reviews should be done in a timely manner. About a month to review a contribution is an appropriate timeline.