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Age Culture Names
Age Units
Biostratigraphical Zones
Citation Types
Conglomerate Test Codes
Conodont Zone
Contact Test Codes
Continental and Oceanic Landmasses
Critical Temperature Types
Data Correction
Data Quality
Data Type
Direction Type
External Database Names
Fold Test Codes
Fossil Classes
Fossil Families
Fossil Genae
Fossil Orders
Fossil Phyla
Fossil Preservation Modes
     Fossil Species
Geological Province and Section Names
Image Types
Instrument Applied Atmosphere
Instrument Applied Field Control
Instrument Category
Instrument Laboratory Shielding
Instrument Laboratory Temperature Control
Instrument Manufacturer
Instrument Model
Instrument Operation Mode
Instrument Type
Journal Names
Location Type
Magnetic Polarity
Magnetic Reversal Chrons
Measurement Type
Method Type
Mineral Assemblages
Mineral Classification Names
Mineral Types
     NRM Origin
Oceans and Seas
Oxygen Stages
Paleo Environments
Plot Type
Reversal Test Codes
Rock Magnetic Test Codes
Sample Alteration
Sample Alteration Types
Sample Textures
Sample Types
Site Definition
Synthetic Material Types
Tectonic Plates and Blocks
Tectonic Setting
Timescale Eons
Timescale Epochs
Timescale Eras
Timescale Periods
Timescale Stages
Village and City Names
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