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Dalrymple et al. 1980
Dalrymple, G.B., Garcia, M.O., Jackson, E.D., Koizumi, I., Avdeiko, G., Butt, A., Clague, D., Greene, H.G., Karpoff, A.M., Kirkpatrick, R.J., Kono, M., Hsin Yi, L., McKenzie, J., Morgan, J. and Takayama, T. (1980). Age and chemistry of volcanic rocks dredged from Jingu Seamount, Emperor seamount chain. Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project 55: 685-693.
40Ar/39Ar incremental heating experiments on three samples dredged from Jingu Seamount indicate that Jingu is 55.4 + or - 0.9 m.y. old, older than the Hawaiian-Emperor bend and younger than the two dated Emperor Seamounts to the north. Major-oxide chemistry and petrography show that the samples are similar to hawaiites and mugearites from the Hawaiian Islands. By analogy with Hawaiian alkalic volcanic rocks, groundmass plagioclase compositions (An40-47) indicate that the three Jingu samples are probably mugearites. These results suggest that Jingu is a Hawaiian-type volcano and that the Emperor volcanoes become progressively older from south to north, as predicted by the hot-spot hypothesis.
absolute age; age; Ar/Ar; basalts; Cenozoic; chemical composition;, composition; dates; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Emperor Seamounts;, geochemistry; geochronology; igneous rocks; IPOD; K/Ar; Leg 55;, mineral composition; North Pacific; Northwest Pacific; Pacific, Ocean; trace elements; volcanic rocks; West Pacific, 03, Geochronology
Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project
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