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IODP Expedition 330 Louisville Seamount Trail

Daily Science Report 33 -- Thursday, 13 January 2011


Site U1374 on 28.6°S Guyot 28° 35' 44.9988" S, 173° 22' 49.8" W
Louisville Seamount Trail
0 m above sea level

Deepening of Hole U1374A continued. Cores U1374A-41R to -45R (230.3 to 278.3 mbsf) were drilled with 2.9 m/hr and attained 92% recovery. We are still coring the unusual thick sequence (> 230 m) of mainly volcaniclastic breccia occasionally containing thin units of unbrecciated volcanic rocks. It can be debated if those units represent thin lava flows or larger clasts. A small sampling party for personal post-cruise research was conducted for unconsolidated (soft) sediments from the first there sites in the late morning hours.