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IODP Expedition 330 Louisville Seamount Trail

Daily Science Report 46 -- Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Site U1376 on 32.3°S Guyot 32° 12' 59.4" S, 171° 52' 50.4012" W
Louisville Seamount Trail
0 m above sea level

The second attempt to start a proper hole at Site U1375 was unsuccessful. Hole U1375B had be abandoned after just 8.5 meter of advancement when it became clear that the uppermost part of the formation was not stable enough for drilling. However, Core U1375B-1R (0-8.5 mbsf) recovered 0.57 cm of relatively fresh micro-gabbro; a term that was chosen to reflect its coarser mineral grain size. The rock is olivine-augite-phyric and contains abundant plagioclase needles in the groundmass. Since it was highly questionable that a suitable drill site could be found on this seamount it was decided to move to the nearest Alternate Site LOUI-7A, located 90 nm to the NW on Burton Seamount. The vessel arrived at the new Site U1376 shortly before midnight. Sampling for personal, post-expedition research from Site U1374 cores was finally completed today by selecting samples from Cores U1374A-51R through -73R.