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IODP Expedition 330 Louisville Seamount Trail

Daily Science Report 10 -- Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Site U1372 on 26.5°S Guyot 26° 29' 35.9988" S, 174° 43' 45.0012" W
Louisville Seamount Trail
0 m above sea level

After crossing the Kermadec Trench in the morning, the vessel arrived Site U1372 at 17:00 hr. A science meeting was held at noon to inform the science party about the upcoming operations and to sort out last details of shipboard sampling and core handling for soft sediments. The Operations Superintendent conducted a second rig floor tour for scientists on the midnight to noon shift. Co-chief Koppers gave a presentation of the expedition objectives to all interested members of the ships crew and USIO personal. After the drill string is assembled, it is planned to pressure-test the new non-magnetic sinker bar by running it down the drill pipe to a water depths shortly above seafloor (which is measured at 1960.3 meters below rig floor by the Precision Depth Recorder (PDR).