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Day 38 - November 25, 2018


Dredge 25 also took place on Akribi Escarpment, but further along to the west. We didn’t have too much trouble, but the MTs did cut the dredge wire after it came back on deck. It had a kink right above the dredge, and it’s best to remove those things when we’re able. We wouldn’t want it to turn into a problem later on.

We have many great student scientists doing a lot of interesting research outside of this cruise. We’re organizing little science meetings a few days from now so that everyone who wants to can talk about any current research they’re working on. It’s a good time to practice our short presentation skills.

Dredge 26 (Zuben Escarpment—named for a prefix on a few stars in Libra) is in the water. Dredge time will probably happen as today switches to tomorrow, but for now we’ll prep our slides and practice our talks.