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Day 42 - November 29, 2018


A bit of somber news…we lost our dredge basket at Tseenkee Escarpment this morning. This is an accepted risk while dredging since these wires can reach very high tensions very quickly, but it’s always stressful when it happens. It doesn’t help that this is the first dredge we’ve lost on this cruise. But, we’ll soldier on—there are more student presentations to discuss!

Malik and Ben both are examining Hurricane Harvey’s effect on sediments in Galveston Bay of Houston, but they used different methods to map the sediment. Ben used Sidescan sonar to make a map of the surface of the sediment, and Malik used CHIRP to penetrate more deeply into the sediment layers. Ellyn, on the other hand, gave a presentation that combined information about different types of Alaskan volcanoes formed by subduction and her work with thermodynamic modeling.

Despite the news of the dredge, these presentations have been the perfect mood boosters. We’re arriving at our location for Dredge 30, Adhara Escarpment (named for a star in Canis Major). Tomorrow is our last day to get dredges done before we have to start heading back to Montevideo, so feelings on the boat are excited and a bit apprehensive.