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Day 7 - October 25, 2018


We did two things today. First, we discovered the XBTs have failed because their wires wrap around the magnetometer and ruin the cast. (Which means Kaya is not good luck…sorry Kaya!). The other thing we did is we launched our first dredge! There were a couple hair-raising moments while lowering it to the bottom of the ocean, but it did not come back up empty. That’s honestly all we can hope for! A couple of us got to work on the back deck, getting the dredge in the water and then grabbing it when we winched it back up. The dredge basket weighs about 500 lbs. - keeping it in control while it’s full and hanging above our heads was difficult, but Heather and Pete did great! We spent the rest of the day beginning cursory analyses of the rocks while speeding off to the next dredge site. There’s a bad storm coming, and we want to get one more dredge in before it hits. Wish us luck!