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GOLF 4-3-9 Antarctica Expedition 2012



McMurdo Station
77° 50' 47.6268" S, 166° 39' 41.31" E
70 m above sea level

When we first arrived in McMurdo we still had sunrise and sunset, although the daylight was long. On 23 October we got our last sunset for the field season and it is now 24 hours a day of daylight.

But today marks a shift in our pattern. For us in the far southern hemisphere, the December solstice is when the sun begins to shift downward toward the horizon as we slowly move into our long winter night. Our next sunset is 20 February, still quite a long time away. 

Does all of this daylight bother us?  Well, it can make sleeping difficult but if you pull down your cap or put on eye shades it is plenty dark to sleep. 

We also work hard while in the field so can get so tired we could sleep just about any place.

So, enjoy the return of the sun in the Northern hemisphere while we watch the sun slowly get ready to set again.