Workshop Participants List
PaleoMagnetic Archival Group (PMAG)

Banerjee, Subir University of Minnesota Rock magnetism
Bowers, Nancy Scripps Institution of Oceanography Magnetic anomalies
Cande, Steven Scripps Institution of Oceanography Magnetic anomalies
Champion, Duane United States Geologic Survey, Volcano Hazards Team Paleomagnetism of young volcanic rocks
Constable, Catherine Scripps Institution of Oceanography, IGPP Global modelling of time-averaged field and paleosecular variation
Dekkers, Mark Utrecht University Magnetic properties of magnetic minerals
Eighmy, Jeffery Colorado State University Archeomagnetic dating
Enkin, Randy Geological Survey of Canada Paleomagnetism applied to tectonics, diagenesis and magnetostratigraphy
Fuller, Mike University of Hawaii, HIGP-SOEST Rock magnetism, paleomagnetism applied to tectonics
Gee, Jeff Scripps Institution of Oceanography Paleomagnetism
Helly, John San Diego Super Computer Center Information technology and database development
Jackson, Andrew Leeds University Historical magnetic field
Jackson, Mike University of Minnesota Rock magnetism
Johnson, Catherine Scripps Institution of Oceanography, IGPP Geomagnetic field behavior from paleomagnetic data
Koppers, Anthony Scripps Institution of Oceanography EarthRef/GERM, geochemistry
Korte, Monica Scripps Institution of Oceanography Archeo- and young paleomagnetic data for gobal magnetic field maodelling
Laj, Carlo LSCE Archiving paleointensity data from long sequences
Lund, Steve University of Southern California detailed paleomagnetic field time series
McElhinny, Mike Gondwana Consultants Paleomagnetism
McMillan, David Scripps Institution of Oceanography Geomagnetism and stratigraphy
Nazarova, Katherine NASA/GSFC Magnetic petrology database
Newell, Andrew University of California, Santa Barbara Rock magnetism
Ogg, Jim Purdue University Magnetostratigraphy and ocean magnetic anomalies
Opdyke, Neil University of Florida Paleomagnetism
Perrin, Mireille CNRS Paleointensity database
Peters, Clare Utrecht University Rock/mineral magnetism
Pisarevsky, Sergei The University of Western Australia, Tectonics Special Research Centre Paleomagnetism, plate tectonics, computing
Reichlin, Robin NSF NSF - geophysics
Schwehr, Kurt Scripps Institutin of Oceanography Planetary paleomagnetics
Selkin, Peter Scripps Institutin of Oceanography characteristics of the Archean field
Shibuya, Hidetoshi Kumamota University PSVL database
Solheid, Peter Institute for Rock Magnetism Rock magnetism
Staudigel, Hubert Scripps Institutin of Oceanography EarthRef/GERM and geochemistry
Stoner, Joseph University of Colorado, INSTAAR Magnetic stratigraphy, paleointensity, paleosecular variation, and rock magnetism
Tanaka, Hidefumi Kochi University Paleomagnetism from volcanic rocks
Tauxe, Lisa Scripps Institution of Oceanography The behavior of the ancient geomagnetic field, statistical analysis of paleomagnetic data, and applications of paleomagnetic data to geologic problems
Valet, Jean-Pierre Institut de Physiquede Globe de Paris Relative and absolute intensity
Van der Voo, Rob University of Michigan Paleomagnetism as aplied to tectonics
Verosub, Kenneth University of California, Davis Paleosecular variation, environmental magnetism, magnetostratigraphy