FeMO2 Dive Cruise 2007
Studying Fe-Oxidizing Microbes on Loihi Seamount -- JASON2 on the R/V Kilo Moana -- KM0719

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Electrochemistry at Marker 36 in Pele's Pit
Dive J2-308-VV1027

Temperature Gradient Recorder at Marker 36
Dive J2-308-VV1060

Bact trap deployments at marker 36
Dive J2-308-VV1079

Osmosampler at Hydrothermal vents at Marker 39
Dive J2-308-VVUnknown

Electrochemical Probing of a hydrothermal vent at M 39
Dive J2-308-VV1111

Hydrothermal venting at marker 39
Dive J2-308-VV1183

Scooping microbial mat from a wall venting hot water
Dive J2-308-VV1232

Recovery of a one-year-old BactTrap deployment
Dive J2-308-VV1249

Suction - sampling microbial mats on the steep slopes of Loihi at M 39
Dive J2-308-VV1272

Deployment of Bacterial Traps
Dive J2-308-VV1310

Deployment of Bacterial Traps
Dive J2-308-VV1342

Deployment of BT 62 and ST 4 at M 39
Dive J2-308-VV1348

MTR 4 deployment
Dive J2-308-VV1353

Deployment of "Majors" Titanium Syringe Sampler for hydrothermal fluids at M 39
Dive J2-308-VV1388

Final Placement of MTR4
Dive J2-308-VV1407

Deployment site of an osmotically assisted growth chamber
Dive J2-308-VV1424

Osmosampler at M36
Dive J2-308-VV1426

Deployment of Temperature Recorder at M 36
Dive J2-308-VV1442

Bacttraps deployed at M2
Dive J2-308-VV1820

Collection of R1 at M 18
Dive J2-308-VV1144
15 October 2007
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