EarthRef.org - Privacy Policy

EarthRef.org respects the privacy of all its collaborators, contributors, users of its services, and visitors to its web site. Several functions and services or EarthRef.org require the user to supply identification and address information, specifically e-mail address, postal address of the home institution and/or business telephone numbers. This information is used exclusively for documentation and attribution via metadata, except for contributors of data or other materials displayed on EarthRef.org. The identification of contributors and their addresses is an integral part of scholarly data archiving and this information is continuously updated in the EarthRef.org address register. EarthRef.org does not distribute address information to third parties.


EarthRef.org is a non-commercial database and an internet resource that supports a quantitative understanding of the Earth as a chemical, physical and biological system. All materials posted at EarthRef.org, except where otherwise noted, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Links to Other Sites

EarthRef.org links to other internet sites but it is not responsible for contents or privacy practices of those sites.


EarthRef.org is a community initiative and follows the principles and ethics of scholarly science publications. All contributors are expected to follow these principles or ethics guidelines. All users of EarthRef.org are encouraged to help maintain the highest scientific standards of its web contents through rigorous and critical review, and reporting these reviews to EarthRef.org. EarthRef.org does its best to incorporate these reviews and update its contents. However, all use of its services is at the user's risk. EarthRef.org does not take responsibility or liability for its service and the correctness of information on its websites.