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Invitation: EarthCube Town Hall Meeting at Goldschmidt 2012
“Shaping the Future of Data-Enabled Science in Geochemistry: EarthCube and Beyond”
Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 12:30 - 13:30h,
Palais de Congres, Montreal, Room 520C

EarthCube is a bold new initiative of the US National Science Foundation to create over the next decade an integrated data and knowledge system to advance our understanding and prediction of the Earth system from the sun to the center of the Earth. This data and knowledge system will provide innovative ways to access and mine the ever increasing deluge of data ('Big Data'). To achieve its full potential, EarthCube must be connected to and guided by the geoscience community that is actively engaged in research. This Town Hall is convened to inform the geochemistry community about the potential, goals, and process of the EarthCube initiative and engage researchers in its development.

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