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The program ArArCALC provides an interactive interface to data reduction in 40Ar/39Ar geochronology. ArArCALC is coded within Visual Basic for Excel 2000-XP-2003-2007-2011 using datasheets, charts, menus and dialogboxes. All 40Ar/39Ar age calculations are reported in single Excel workbooks and thus can be easily shared between different ArArCALC users within and outside of your laboratory.

ArArCALC can be used online and offline during mass spectrometry and includes the following four basic utilities within a single software program: (1) curved or linear data regression, (2) blank evolution analysis, (3) age calculation, (4) J-value calculation, (5) air shot calculation and (6) age recalibration. These utilities fully interact with each other providing a high level of automation. ArArCALC also allows for editing of all input data, parameters and constants used in the calculations at all times. ArArCALC also can be run in the new File Watch Mode that allows auto- and batch-calculation of your mass spectrometer files and ArArCALC now also supports multicollector files.

ArArCALC is provided as freeware (see User Policy).

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 Download ArArCALC v2.5.2
   40Ar/39Ar Data Reduction Software
   Published 26 November 2012
   Recalibration Tool for 40Ar/39Ar Ages
   Published 8 December 2010
 ArArCALC Paper
   Computer & GeoSciences 2002
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