FeMO2 Dive Cruise 2007
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The days go on one-after-the-other in our 24/7 operation onboard the R/V Kilo Moana. The advantage of that is of course that you also get to witness the most spectacular sunrises.

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The many fridges and lab spaces on the 01 deck of the Kilo Moana now contain hundreds of valuable scientific samples, all in different stages of processing.

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Let us take you on a tour into the bowls of the R/V Kilo Moana. Also some of the scientific crew are auditioning to become the next generation of Jason pilots.

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Another elevator recovery was made today. Many scoop and rock samples and the new ISEA-lander were recovered using the elevator. The sea remains calm, as it has been for the last week, making for an easy and fast recovery of the elevator.

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Many experiments are carried out in the deep-sea surrounding Loihi, including many new experiments. Today the ISEA-lander successfully made it through its virgin deployment.

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Almost half way through the cruise, a swap of scientist is carried out. Four hurry back to their laboratories on land, while five new researchers and students join us aboard. We bring the Kilo Moana to the outskirts of Kona port and shuttle our science personnel with a speedy orange rubber boat.

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Last night after a 12-hour maintenance interval Jason returns to the deep site called Ula Nui. Meanwhile all other work continues, in the micro biochemical labs samples are processed and experiments are prepared. In the computer lab the latest Loihi maps are created and this website is being made .

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Today was the second and last day of our first day into Pele's Pit. As soon as the Jason was brought aboard the Kilo Moana, the elevator was recovered. We transited to Ula Nui and made another CTD cast.

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Our second dive explored Pele's Pit, a crater on top of Loihi Seamount. New today was the use of an elevator, allowing the scientists to bring back more experiments, samples and rocks from the ocean floor.

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Today we are diving with Jason at Ula Nui while prodding the sediments on the ocean floor with temperature probes, collecting water samples, placing new experiments. Lots of things to do ...

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The first day of scientific action on Loihi. We are probing the 5 km deep Ula Nui site with the CTD.

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Heading out through the channel leaving Honolulu harbor and on our way finding FeMO!

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Scientists, students and teachers are getting ready to sail to the FeMO microbial observatory at Loihi seamount.
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Often new interesting features get discovered with active venting. During dive J2-311 we found an interesting black spot dubbed the "crop circle" with increased temperature readings in its core.

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Back again to Ula Nui today. Abundant scooping of microbial mats was done, suction cylinders were filled up with the same fine bacterial mats and many rocks samples were taken.

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The elevator was deployed to achieve a larger payload while exploring Pele's Pit in our second Jason dive. In total the Jason dive lasted for about 28 hours.

JASON Dive J2-307 Image Gallery
View more than 40 still camera pictures taken with the JASON science camera documenting the surveying, recovery of instruments and sampling during our first dive to Ula Nui 1 and Ula Nui 2.


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