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4.1.1  Finding a command line prompt in a terminal window

If you are not using a UniX like computer, you may never have encountered a command line. While the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is an attempt to make life as easy for you by constructing UNIX commands for you, you still need to find the command line to start it up.

Under the MacOS X operating system, you may have two choices: Terminal and X11. These reside in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder:

Under the Windows operating system, find the program called: Command Prompt in the Start menu:

Note that the location of this program varies on various computers, so you may have to hunt around a little to find yours. Also, the actual "prompt" will vary for different machines. A windows prompt window looks something like this:

Under Unix operating systems (including MacOS), the prompt is a "%" (c-shell) or a "$" (bash). We will use a "%" to indicate the prompt in these help pages. This is a picture of the command window using the c-shell. The prompt has been customized to show the machine name (magician) and the user name (ltauxe).

In these help pages, we will refer to the command line on which you type and the terminal window in which it is located.