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The program ThellierTool 4.22 provides an intuitive plotting interface to analyze a wide range of different modifications of the Thellier absolute paleointensity experiment. ThellierTool 4.22 is coded within Visual C++ 6.0 and is running on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and was tested on Win2000 and WinME. All calculation results can be saved as tab-delimited text files.

Beside the Arai plot for paleointensity determinations, the ThellierTool provides orthogonal projections of the direction, decay of NRM during thermal demagnetization and additional plots regarding alteration and multidomain checks to enable the user to visualize the quality of individual determinations. Experimental checks for magneto-mineralogical changes, either in-field or zero-field pTRM* checks, are evaluated regarding their differences to the corresponding pTRM* acquisition in two most commonly used ways. Furthermore, a measure for the cumulative alteration differences beginning at room temperature is calculated and the possibility to correct for magneto-mineralogical changes is provided. Two different experimental methods to check for multidomain bias are supported and analyzed by the software. Intensity differences recorded by pTRM*-tail checks are calculated. Accounting for the directional difference between applied laboratory field and NRM of the sample, the effective pTRM*-tail is determined and thus failures of Thellier's law of independence are monitored. Failures of the law of additivity, experimentally observed by additivity checks, are also evaluated by the software. The vector nature of individual measurements is fully considered for all calculations. Uniform selection criteria for acceptance and rejection of determinations can be applied and a set of such criteria with emphasize on minimal bias due to alteration, multidomain remanence and analysis inaccuracies are suggested.

ThellierTool is provided as freeware.

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