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Day 18 - November 5, 2018


The two side weak links broke on Dredge 8 today. There are a couple weak links on each dredge to help in case the dredge gets stuck. The small ones on the sides (both rated for 5000 lbs) are designed to swing the dredge sideways when it gets stuck. This change in orientation can often help get the dredge loose. The main weak link is above the dredge. Its purpose is to let us drop the dredge on the seafloor if it’s stuck fast and cannot be released with extensive ship movements and other dredge techniques. If we didn’t have that weak link, we’d have to cut the wire close to the ship—a dangerous activity because of the tensions at play. We have extra dredges, but we’d prefer to not lose 3 to 4 kilometers of wire.