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Day 31 - November 18, 2018


We ended up being stuck for around 12 hours at Alshain Seamount. When the dredge bag finally came up, a couple of the boulders were so huge that we had to sledgehammer them while they were still in the bag because they wouldn’t budge. Those boulders took a while to cut, but we some nice basalts out of them.

Alshain Seamount is part of a trio of seamounts at the end of the string we were dredging; the other two are Altair and Tarazed (also named from stars in the Eagle). In the interest of time, we decided to head back to Sabik Seamount at the beginning of the string of seamounts; we’ve gotten lots of promising samples so far, and we can redeploy quickly at any of the seamounts we mapped on our way here if we choose to stop.