Hawaiian Volcanoes Field Course 2004
UCSD ERTH 170/198 -- UCD GEL 138/198

ERTH 170 / GEL 138: Introduction to Volcanology (4 units)
ERTH/GEL 198: Directed Group Study (2 units)  

Instructors:Peter Schiffman, Hubert Staudigel, and Robert Zierenberg
Texts: "Volcanoes" by Francis and Oppenheimer (2003) (F); "Kilauea Volcano" by Richard Hazlett (H)
Grading: GEL 138 grade is based on 60% final and 40% exercises; GEL 198 grade is based on quality of individual field notebooks as well as group project (all write-ups for both classes are due 9/17 at 5 PM) 
Date Lecture topic (generally 8:30 ‑ 10:00) and lecturer, or other morning activity; chapter reading in Francis and Oppenheimer  
9/6Introduction to Hawaiian volcanism and Kilauea: PS (1‑2)
9/7Magma genesis; chemistry and physics of volcanoes: RZ (3,5)
9/8Classification of eruptions; pyroclastic eruptions: HS (4,6,16)
9/9(Classroom time to draft Keanakako'i sections); hydrovolcanic eruptions:PS  (8‑12)
9/10(Classroom time to draft Steaming Bluff maps)
9/11Early AM field excursion
9/12Day off: trip to the beach at Punalu’u
9/13Lava flows and littoral cones RZ (7,13)
9/14(Classroom time to prepare histograms of Nanawale tephras); Mauna Loa PS
9/15Volcanic gases and environmental geochemistry RZ
9/16Other hazards: earthquakes, landslides and tsunamis in Hawaii (HS)
9/17Office Morning: finish projects and study for final
 Tentative afternoon excursion schedule (generally 10:30-5:00+) and reading in Hazlett  
9/6Kilauea Caldera; Exercise (5%): contouring 1924 ejecta blocks (pp. 32-33, 59-83)
9/7Thurston Lava Tube and Kilauea‑Iki (pp. 89-93)
9/8Exercise (10%): measured stratigraphic section of Keanakako'i Ash (pp. 83-88)
9/9Exercise (5%): mapping temperatures at Steaming Bluffs (pp. 65-68)
9/10East Rift Zone, Napau crater excursion (pp. 95-114)
9/11Early AM Exercise: mapping active flows (5%); PM: time to work on exercises
9/12Day off: trip to the beach at Punalu’u
9/13Exercise (10%): tephra granulometry at Nanawale littoral cones (pp. 137-152)
9/14Mauna Loa; Exercise: mapping Mauna Loa lava flows off air photos (5%)
9/15Ka’u Desert and South Point: Footprints area, Pu’u Mahana tuff cone , Green Sand Beach (pp. 51-58)
9/16Revisiting active lava flows
9/17Final examination (60%; open notes, unopen  book;  includes field excursions and exercises)