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The Rock Saw
Anthony gets to work cutting the rocks from dredge 127.  Each sample has to be cut into various shapes for processing, and this is the saw we use to do it.

Slicing through the Clear Waters
The clear water around Wallis island makes it easy to see the unique shape of the Kilo Moana's bow.

Rain Squall
With the main part of the storm over, the Kilo Moana passed through some of the remaining rain squalls as we traveled to dredge sites.  Notice how you can see the horizon behind us, but in front there is nothing but a wall of rain.

Recovering the Dredge
Recovering the dredge is always exciting.  The increased swell size made this recovery a little more interesting that most. Later that day "heavy weather procedures" had to be implemented due to the growing storm.

Wave Watching
Julie and Allison watch the spray from the large swells that the recent storm brought about. They are standing on the edge of the fantail, just over the Kilo Moana's starboard rudder.

Kilo Moana's Computer Lab
As is evident in this quick panorama, even at 4 AM there is a lot of activity going on. Whether mapping, dredging, or taking water profiles, there is always something happening onboard the Kilo Moana. 

Eel City
The summit of the Nafanua volcanic cone inside the crater of Vailulu'u seamount has abundant diffuse venting with unusually thick microbial mats up to several cm thick. These vents were studied during the PISCES5 609 and 610 submersible dives that found that the volcanic rocks were very crumbly and contain many crevices housed with an extreme abundance of eels. Video by Hubert Staudigel.

Hiding Ed's Temperature Recorder
During PISCES5 Dive 612 two microbial sampling chargers, a site marker and a temperature recording data logger were placed on the flanks and crater rim of Vailulu'u. An additional data logger was deployed directly in a crevice with hydrothermal venting (as evidenced by schlieren, bacterial mats and an elevated temperature near the orifice of 8.1 degrees C). This data logger slipped into the crack and could not be readily recovered. Video by Hubert Staudigel.

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