GOLF 1-8-2 Antarctica Expedition 2006/2007
Ivan the Terra Bus

Lyrics: Ivan the Terra Bus
by Bill Jirsa and Sandwich

In 1994
We bought him off the factory floor
He had a ladder built into the door
And cost $300 grand or more
but he means much more to us,
He's Ivan the Terra Bus!

He's Ivan the Terra Bus
He's bringing our friends to us
He took some friends away
Took them down to the Ice Runway
Someday he'll come for us
He's Ivan the Terra Bus!

I was at the MCC
5 hours from seeing a tree
I had all my bags with me
They weighted in at a buck twenty
They said "you've got too much"
Before getting on the Terra Bus!

Just two hours to Pegasus
On Ivan the Terra Bus!

(tuba solo)
Story about Ivan turning into a flying space machine
This can only be done live

Well it looks like he could fly
Sprout wings out from his sides
And laser beams from his eyes
That could melt holes into the ice!
It's a bird! It's a plane! NO!
It's Ivan the Terra Bus!

His name's not Barnabus (NO!)
It's Ivan the Terra Bus!


Hubert Staudigel
25 December 2006


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