GOLF 1-8-2 Antarctica Expedition 2006/2007
How to Build a Quinzee – A Lesson in Shoveling

Surprisingly warm, comfortable and quiet, a "quinzee" is a cross between an igloo and a pile of snow. Here is how to build a proper one:

Step 1 Come prepared with plenty of wo/manpower. Shoveling snow is no fun by yourself.
Step 2 Chose a spot to set up camp. Make a big pile of all your camping gear in that desired location (backpacks, etc).
Step 3 Put a tarp on top of your camping gear (you don’t want your long underwear to get wet and snowy, do you?).
Step 4 Cover with snow.
Step 5 Pack down the snow gently, making sure the walls are about 30 cm thick.
Step 6 Let your snow pile sinter and “set” for a one to three hours.
Step 7 Dig out an entrance (preferably not a windward facing one).
Step 8 Extract your camping gear and tarp.
Step 9 Smooth the inside of the quinzee with a shovel.
Step 10 Dig out the entrance so it is lower than the floor (cold air sinks).

And Voila!


Elise Sbarbori
2 December 2006


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