GOLF 1-8-2 Antarctica Expedition 2006/2007
Survival Bags – What’s Inside?

Every time we go out to do field research in Antarctica we are required to hump a huge bag full of survival equipment in case the weather turns ugly. Here we take a look at what’s inside:

Down sleeping bag (1)
Bivy bag / sleeping bag liner (1)
Ensolite sleeping Pad (1)
Mountain tent (1)
Collapsible snow shovel (1)
First aid kit (1)
Bottle of white gas (1)
WhisperLite stove with repair kit and matches (1)
Cook set (1)
Plastic mug (1)
Spoon (1)
Pocketknife (1)
Signal mirror (1)
Survival manual "Survival in Antarctica" (1)
Novelty item, book or game (1)
Toilet paper roll (1)
Parachute cord (1)
Wool socks (1 pair)
Wool mitts (1 pair)
Balaclava (1)
Sleeping bag (1)
Dehydrated meals (3)
Big chocolate bar (1)
Tea bags (6)
Hot chocolate packets (6)
Mainstay food bars (9)

This one-person pack is designed to last for three days!


Elise Sbarbori
2 December 2006


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