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  • Snowball et al. 1999
    The mineral magnetic properties of an annually laminated Holocene lake-sediment sequence in northern Sweden
  • Ramrath et al. 1999
    Late Pleistocene climatic variations as recorded in two Italian maar lakes (Lago di Mezzano, Lago Grande di Monticchio)
  • Brandt et al. 1999
    Palaeomagnetism of Holocene and Late Pleistocene sediments from Lago di Mezzano and Lago Grande di Monticchio (Italy): initial results
  • Ali et al. 1999
    Holocene palaeomagnetic secular variation at Lake Biwa, central Japan
  • Channell et al. 2000
    Geomagnetic paleointensity for the last 100 kyr from the sub-antarctic South Atlantic: a tool for inter-hemispheric correlation
  • Zillén et al. 2002
    Calendar year ages of three mid-Holocene tephra layers identified in varved lake sediments in west central Sweden
  • Ojala & Saarinen 2002
    Palaeosecular variation of the Earth's magnetic field during the last 10000 years based on the annually laminated sediment of Lake Nautajärvi, central Finland
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  • Five GOLF-439 Scientists from Oregon, Maine and California (and their team mascot "da Microbe") are traveling to Antarctica to study the "Rock Bottom" of the food chain in the extreme environments of McMurdo Sound. They will be based at McMurdo station of the US Antarctic Program (USAP) on Ross Island from where they will embark on trips to remote locations and field camps in the Antarctic Dry Valleys, at Cape Evans, on Mount Erebus and in the Royal Society Range. Targets of their investigations will include moorings below the ice of Lake Fryxell (Taylor Valley), experiments below the sea-ice using SCUBA diving, hydrothermal vents and ice caves in the glaciers of Mt. Erebus, as well as seasonal creeks running through volcanic terrain that are fed by glacial melting in the short Antarctic summer. Visit Expedition Website ...

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