FeMO2 Dive Cruise 2007
Report -- My First Time at Sea 2

Lisa tries JASON pilot seat

My name is Lisa Mayhew and I am a graduate student studying geomicrobiology with Alexis Templeton at the University of Colorado - Boulder. This is my first time on a FeMO cruise and it has been great to meet and spend time with all of the folks involved in the study. Back in Colorado I have been working on hydrogen (H2) generation experiments to optimize the production of H2 from the interaction of rocks, minerals and metals with water in a way that it can be used to culture micro-organisms. Serpentinization reactions are the reaction of water with mafic and ultramafic (iron-rich) rocks. This reaction results in the break down of minerals and produces H2 gas and often takes place deep within the Earth's crust and may have also occurred within the crust of Mars. The gas released from this reaction can percolate through the crust and be vented at the Earth's surface, often at the bottom of the sea. The active vents on Loihi are an excellent place to look for micro-organisms that may be able to harness the energy available from catalyzing the oxidation of H2 and I am attempting to culture these micro-organisms.

While on board the R/V Kilo Moana, I am also helping to process samples for lots of other experiments, including microscopy and DNA investigations. And, I'm a geologist by training, so I enjoy taking a hammer and chisel to the rocks that come up from the bottom of the sea.

Lisa Mayhew onboard the R/V Kilo Moana
20 October, 2007

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