Petrologic Tools
Compilation by Roger Nielsen.

Flow and Thermodynamics in Volcanic Conduits (ConFlow)
ConFlow is a numerical program for flow and thermodynamics in volcanic conduits. It calculates flow properties in eruptive conduits as well as thermodynamic, physical and solubility properties of melts and melt-gas-crystal mixtures.
Thermo-chemical Database and Calculations (FACT)
The Facility for the Analysis of Chemical Thermodynamics or FACT is a fully integrated thermo-chemical database and calculation system that couples software with self-consistent, critically assessed thermodynamic data. FACT contains extensive databases useful to metallurgists, and ceramists, but also has capabilities of interest to geochemists and petrologists.
Volcanic Thermal Regimes (HEAT)
HEAT is a graphically interfaced application written for a PC running Microsoft Windows. Designed to study 2-D, transient thermal regimes in and around volcanic and magmatic intrusions, HEAT models a variety of geologic structures and rock properties and their effect on both conductive and convective heat flow.
Silicate Magma Classifications (MAGMA)
MAGMA is an utility written for PC's running Microsoft Windows that calculates silicate magma/lava classifications and properties from user-entered major-element compositions. In addition, MAGMA calculates CIPW Norms, classifications, density, texture, and viscosities.
Magma Crystallization below 1 GPa (MELTS)
MELTS is a software package for modeling crystallization of magmatic systems up to 1GPa.
Phase Equilibrium Calculations (MIXFRAC)
MIXFRAC is a code for phase equilibrium calculations for igneous systems based on trace element constraints. With the subprograms MIX3 and BLF one can calculate major- and trace-element differentiation trends for crystallizing magmas. The programs have numerous options, including assimilation of a second material, assimilation of boundary layer material, and randomize the mixing and sampling parameters in order to create a more realistic synthetic data set. Download now ...
Phase Equilibrium Calculations (MTDATA)
MTDATA is a software/data package for the calculation of phase equilibria in multi-component and multi-phase systems using, as a basis, critically assessed thermodynamic data.
Iterative Fractional Crystallization Modeling (PB)
PB is an Excel spreadsheet that uses a new iterative method to evaluate fractional crystallization in subalkalic basalts in order to model liquid lines of descend. Download now ...
Phase Equilibrium Calculations (PERPLE_X)
PERPLE_X is a collection of FORTRAN programs for calculating and displaying petrologic phase equilibria.
Phase Equilibrium Calculations (THERMOCALC)
THERMOCALC is a program to calculate mineral compositions, phase equilibria, and conditions of formation of rocks using a thermodynamic database.
Modeling of Partition Coefficients (BIGD)
BIGD is designed to calculate mineral-melt partition coefficients for mafic igneous systems ranging from alkali and tholeiitic basalt to andesites and dacites. The building blocks for this program are mineral-melt expressions for the major minerals. The necessary input data are the major element composition of the mineral and the melt, plus the temperature. Executable files of BIGD for the PC are included in the package, as well as its source code that should be compatible with most FORTRAN compilers on other platforms.