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GERM Reservoir Database by Reservoir -- Index Page
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Maas River  
MacKenzie River  
MacKenzie River Particulates  
Mae Klong River  
Mafic Archean Granulites  
Mafic Granulites  
Mafic Granulitic Xenolites  
Mafic Intrusions  
Mafic Post-Archean Granulites  
Magdalena River Particulates  
Makran Trench  
Manganese Nodules  
Manicougan River  
Manning River  
Marianas Trench  
Marine Apatites  
Marine Organisms  
Marine Pelagic Clay  
Marine Phosphorites  
Marine Sediments  
Marine Shales  
Mature Oceanic Crust  
Mavic Volcanics  
Mead Peak Phosphatic Shale Member  
Mekong River  
Mekong River Particulates  
Melitite-rich Chondrules  
Meon River  
Mesozoic & Cenozoic Extensions  
Mesozoic & Cenozoic Extensions  
Mesozoic & Cenozoic Orogens  
Mesozoic & Cenozoic Orogens  
Mesozoic & Cenozoic Upper Crust  
Metafelsic Volcanics  
Metalliferous Clay  
Metamorphic Rocks  
Metapelitic Granulitic Xenolites  
Mexico Trench  
Mid-Atlantic Ridge  
Middle Churchill River  
Middle Continental Crust  
Middle Proterozoic Upper Crust  
Mishash Formation  
Mississippi River  
Mississippi River High Flow  
Mississippi River Low Flow  
Mississippi River Particulates  
Moisie River  
Molteno Howardite  
Monterey Formation  
Moose River  
Murchison River  
Murray River  
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