GERM Partition Coefficient (Kd) Database
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Data contribution by Roger Nielsen

GERM Kd's Database by Mineral and Rock Type -- Index Page
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Magnetite in Andesite  
Magnetite in Andesite-Dacite  
Magnetite in Basalt  
Magnetite in Basalt-Andesite  
Magnetite in Basalt-Andesite-Dacite  
Magnetite in Basalt-Hawaiite  
Magnetite in Dacite  
Magnetite in Granodiorite  
Magnetite in High Silica Rhyolite  
Magnetite in Low Silica Rhyolite  
Magnetite in Mugearite  
Magnetite in Quartz Latite  
Magnetite in Rhyolite  
Magnetite in Trachyandesite  
Magnetite in Trachyte  
Magorite Garnet in Picrite, Lunar Basalt  
Majorite, Garnet in Komatiite, Basalt  
Melilite in Chondritic Basalt  
Melilite in Synthetic Ak-Ge  
Melilite in Synthetic CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2-TiO2  
Mellilite in Synthetic Na2O-Al2O3-MgO-CaO-SiO2-TiO2  
Merrillite in Chondritic Basalt  
Metal in Basalt  
Metal in Fe-Ni  
Metal in Fe-Ni-S-P-X  
Metal in Fe-Ni-S-P-X-Basalt  
Metal in Fe-Ni-X  
Metal in Haplobasalt, Basalt  
Metal in Silicate  
Metal in Synthetic An-Di  
Metal in Synthetic Basalt  
Metal in Ultrabasic, Peridotite  
Mg Perovskite in Basalt  
Mg Perovskite in Synthetic CMAST  
Mg Perovskite in Synthetic Peridotite  
Mg Perovskite in Ultrabasic, Peridotite  
Mg Wustite in Chondritic Basalt  
Mica in Basanite  
MSS in Basalt  
MSS in Komatiite-Tholeiite  
MSS in   
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